Labour in Wigan… want a safe seat? Wigan Evening Post

This story in the Local paper prompted a read (

In reading it on-line, I noted one comment from a chap with the soubriquet” Leviticus”, which prompted me to add this:

Leviticus, why do you go out to vote?

 Get a postal vote. Labour doesn’t take chances in elections.

They have a list of all their supporters and they encourage them to use postal voting, ensuring that no-one is put off by rainy nights, or family emergencies.  

 I’ve even heard stories such as:

They’ll help the elderly fill in their postal votes, when they are too past it to find the polling booth.

That they’ll  phone supporter’s up to make sure they’ve voted.

That some will even tear down the opposition’s election poster’s.

I’ve no proof of these allegations, which is probably just as well, as there would be a few re-elections, if some these allegations proved to be true.

So! Get a postal vote and encourage others to do the same, then maybe you’ll help one of the independents



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