@number10gov It’s amazing how politicians try to reject the electoral message #occupy

It’s always entertaining to listen to how politicians try to rewrite post-election issues.

For instance, in France, Hollande campaigned on a policy of opposing the austerity measures being imposed on them. However what we hear is that this was not why he was elected.

It was simply public dislike of Sarkozy and so this aspect can and will be ignored.

Over here, we have Mandelson telling us that the public in austerity oppressed countries, “understand” that they need to suffer these measures for their own good.

Forget about public contempt of politicians, en masse.

Forget about public rejection of their bearing the burden of supporting the banks, the Euro and The European Dream.

It’s carry on regardless.

Dizzy Ozzy has been on TV telling us that they have taken on board the implication of our Local Elections.

But note what he said they will do: they will “listen” to what we have said and they will “focus” on what we have said.

I’m sure The Boston Strangler “listened to his victims and I’m sure he focussed on what they did and said.

At no point did he think of saying “OK, then! I’ll stop what I’m doing and let you live”.

At no point has Ozzy said that he will ease up on throttling the life out of the British Economy.

At no point has he said that the electorate might be right about the need to get out of Europe, to encourage growth, create jobs, stop increasing taxation on the lower classes, or stop making cuts in essential (to the public) services.

One further, but slightly irrelevant, outcome of the loss of Tory votes, has been the call by some MP’s for a return to key Tory values.

Whoosh! right over their heads.

They don’t see that the public conception of core Tory values and what they voted out is exactly what Ozzy is dishing up:┬áCuts in public expenditure, increased taxes on the plebs and reduced taxes for the Rich.

When The General Election comes, it won’t just be the LibDems that will disappear from the political stage; So, too, will the Tories, unless they haul back on these core Tory values.


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