Epidemiology is no more a Science than is Sports Betting.

Sometimes I get so fed up with Epidemiologists (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epidemiology) being referred to as Scientists, by the Media.

The Media print their findings with the headline “Scientists have found…..”, as though this finding is a truism and not merely an interpretation of an apparent, statistically based link.

Sometimes the link is so tenuous, it’s barely credible, yet it is treated as a causal link.

For example; the latest “Scientists have found…..” is the link between people who are fast eaters and people who suffer from diabetes.

This is printed as though chewing each mouthful of food a hundred times will prevent you from suffering from diabetes.

I’m not denying that there possibly is a link.

What I object to is the message that any Scientist would present this link as proof of the interpretation that has been put on it.

Epidemiologists have noticed other links, related to diabetes e.g. the number of sufferer’s in the affluent West is increasing and, coincidentally, so has obesity. Excessive eating seems a more likely cause of diabetes, although not absolutely proven, and this could be related to eating fast.

Note, however, that eating fast does not necessarily mean eating to excess, even although there is a possible mechanism between eating fast and over-eating.

Just because it seems obvious that a link is causal link, this does not make it so.

It was only a few decades ago that researchers in Australia proved that stomach ulcers weren’t (as many doctor’s “knew”) caused by stressful lives, but by a bacterium called H. pylori. Instead of patients dying on the operating table, they now take a course of antibiotics and recover quickly.

No doubt some epidemiologists will, at times, put the correct interpretation on their statistical analyses but that is not, itself, Science.

Rather, it will be Science that proves their interpretations true, or false.


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