@empireofthekop Dalglish can do it but needs to adapt tactics

I was sceptical of most of the buys but quickly viewd enrique as a valuable player. I’ve only recently swung around to rating Carroll (a bit like Crouch and Toshack in time to settle in and recognise that they have good feet).

Problem with Carroll is that he still heads at the goalie. Problem with using him is that he is being played as a target man for headers.

Kenny needs to look at how many of our goals have come from lobs to the target man, versus how many have come from scrambles inside the box. How many blasts from outside of the box have been on target and how many were either skyed, or saved.

In respect of the above, aren’t the likes of Kuyt more prolific scorers and providers than the likes of Henderson, Dowling and Adams.

How many times have Kuyt, Glen Johnson and Bellamy scored or assiste from inside the goal area, as opposed from lobs from the wings. H needs to mix it up.

As a player, he usually played target man, outside the box, before turning and getting inside the box.

I look at the games we lose and I see packed defences, because the opposition relies on our slow build-up.Chelsea, for instance played 5 at the back, against lonely Suarez but had three up front against our three defenders. (no back-up for Enrique, when he went forward. Was Dowling meant to overlap?)

I like that, as a centre-forward he (as did Keegan) sees¬† attack as the best form of defence but he needs to draw defences out as we did when Don Revie’s Leeds team tried these tactics.

We need someone like Didi Hamman, who can see where an attack is going to come from and break it up, before it gets support. Lucas Leiva will be back next term to do that, we don’t have a suitable¬†understudy.

We need a Molby, Danny Murphy, Xabi Alonso, who can deliver long accurate balls for whippets like Bellamy, Suarez and Kuyt.

Spearing, Adams and even Stevie can’t deliver such balls in a consistent manner.

Defensively we have the players but, as we saw with Enriquez against Kalou, even the best defenders can’t defend when having to race back to their own goal. Skirtle is now one of the best but, even he, risks a yellow card, once he’s heading in the wrong direction. He should be kept anchored to the goalie, as Carragher used to be (Remember how Peter Schmeichel relied on Bruce, for cover and became lost when he left).

Basically, Less lobbing and skying. More partnering. Go back to Shankly’s model of a good Centre forward, a good centre half, a good centre back and a good goalie and then let everyone else be selected to fit in with them and their style of play.


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