Ed Balls’ brother points up how corrupt Parliamentary Democracy is.

Apparently the brother if  the next Chancellor of the Exchequer, Ed Balls,  is a member of a company that deals in bonds (buys and sells Government debts) and is to share in a £57M payout.

Naturally, the Tories are cock-a-hoop and set to exploit this connection and the implied hypocrisy that it will bring to any attacks by Ed Balls on their own shady dealings.

They don’t seem to realise that for many of us, this is just further damning evidence of the whole farce of Parliamentary Democracy and the two-party system.

Ed Balls has presumably had a brother, for the whole of his life. (sic!) And presumably the rest of the Labour hierarchy are awarenot only of this brother but, also, of his livelihood.

None of them thought that this might look bad.

None thought that their main spokesman on the Economy, with access to inside knowledge of the Debt market, might inadvertently let slip little clues about whose debts might be best to trade up/down.

None thought it worth bothering to suggest that they appoint a different Shadow Chancellor, just to demonstrate that they were concerned about appearing honourable.

Like the situation with MP’s expense’s, no-one in Parliament seems to see, or care about such matters, because everyone they meet is up to their necks in exploiting public office.

None of them has the remotest idea of how immoral they appear to people outside of their own political village.

Neither the party leader, or his wife, seems to have seen this connection as something that they needed to act on.

There was a time when even the most venal politician would take extreme precautions at avoiding anything which might appear to cast doubt on their integrity.

Now it appears that they just don’t care.

The believe that an apology, an undisproveable denial or just a bare-faced fudge ( á la Murdoch, Hoon et al) will cover their sins.

Failing a revolution, Guy Fawkes or Cromwell, we need to start voting for “None of the Above” parties such as The Green Party, UKIP and Monster raving Loony Party.

Whichever fringe party seems likeliest to win in your neighbourhood, go out and canvass for it.



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