Model parents in the Forties

I watched  “Wings of Eagles” earlier.

John Wayne plays wartime hero, who starts off by helping the U.S. forces win the Schneider trophy ( so 1923 or 1925) .

Meantime his wife and two little girls (about 6/8 years old) are back home watching the movie reel of his win in the local cinema. Presumably they are estranged because the mother (Maureen O’Hara) roughly drags the girls out of the cinema, when they start calling out to their Dad on the screen.

Wayne returns home to find the girls unattended, feeds them and tucks up them in bed.

When Maureen O’Hara returns from evening boozing (not her Bridge Club, as girls were told), they commence reconciliation.

If this scene was enacted for a modern audience there’d be shouts of outrage about child abuse and child neglect.

My parents generation would’ve thought Wayne and O’Hara were good role models. Shows how times change.


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