@theGreenParty #occupy A new elected House of Representatives

Fred Forsyth (in the Daily Express) points out the folly of the present proposals for an elected House of Lords.

As he points out there would simply be a second body filled with second-raters nominated by the present political parties.

This does not mean that we should stick with the present system of unrepresentative, unelected tired out politicians and those born to privilege.

An elected House does not have to be party political and does not have to exist in the patronage of the present ruling political elite.

It could be made up of representatives of the true mix of Society.

The House of Commons is based on Geographical boundaries, The House of Lords is based on a single Socio-Economic boundary .

Make the new elected Second House consist of multiple Socio-Economic boundaries.

Instead of a member for Grimsby or Nuneaton, we could have a member for shop-workers, soldier’s, G.P.’s etc.

The list should not be difficult to arrive at; Insurance Companies already divide us into such groups, when we apply for car insurance.

Each candidate would  be required to prove that they have not been a subscribing member of any political party, during the preceding decade.  They would also have to prove a substantive association with their chosen “seat” e.g. employed in that particular trade/profession, during the previous decade. (allowance being made for those seeking re-election)

Instead of all elections happening on one day, the “seats” could be allocated one of 40 polling dates, spread across the year, enabling a system to be set up that would be able to run continuously and therefore efficiently.

This House of Representatives would be more Democratic than the House of Commons and would have a greater wealth of experience of the real world.


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