Lansley’s #NHS bill to destroy GP’s

One problem, with Doctor’s being in charge of their own budget, is the same as that which faced school’s under last Tory Government; after L.M.S. was introduced.

I.e. Gov’t no longer carries the can when a decision has to be made about whether, or not, it’s affordable to treat Cancer patients.

The whole idea of a N.H.S.(paid for by National Insurance) is that, as with Insurance, generally, the cost of cancer care etc. is spread over the whole nation.

Under Lansley’s bill one G.P. could be faced with a cluster of high cost cases, while another has none.

What does a G.P. do?

He can strike potential high cost patients off his list.

He can “fail” to diagnose in time (risky in litigious Middle class area’s).

He can concentrate on the deserving cases, according to his own personal prejudices (using criteria such obesity, smoking, boozing, druggie, risk-taker, abortionist, etc.).

He can pare a little off general treatment (use poorer, cheaper hospital services) to enable the treatment of the high cost patients.

In short, he can make the decisions that the politicians don’t want to be held responsible for.

Following the American example, he’d need to take out Medical negligence insurance, because the ambulance chasing industry are waiting in the wings to destroy them.

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