@Unitetheunion backs Labour, do Unite’s sacked members?

Unite backs Labour.

Do those ex-members of Unite, who have lost their jobs, still support Labour?

Labour and Ed Miliband have hardly said a word about what The Coalition is doing.

Andy Burnham made a big fuss over Lansley’s NHS bill but what  was he doing when he was in charge? (hypocrite)

Labour and Baron Smith of Leigh (the leader of Wigan’s Labour Group, the one who uses Borough Life magazine to tell you what a great job he is doing…. we are paying to be spammed by him) happily went along with the cuts.

Labour and Baron Smith of Leigh are still considering fortnightly bin collections, despite a Tory subsidy.


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2 Responses to “@Unitetheunion backs Labour, do Unite’s sacked members?”

  1. Stephen Hall Says:

    You might also ask John, whether the majority of those who are still in work and who are UNITE members still support Labour too. I think the answer would be the same, a resounding NO!

    I’m Chair of Leigh UNITE and haven’t come across a single Branch member who is not at the very least highly critical of them. The vast majority wouldn’t pay them with washers. Andy Burnham isn’t that popular with most of them either.

    You should check out a recent article I wrote on the Wigan Green Socialist Blog: http://wigangreensocialists.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/unite-should-break-link-with-labour/ Which I think more or less concurs with your own view on this.

    I think those of us within UNITE who are sick of Labour’s sell-outs, should be pushing for an end to UNITE’s affiliation at this year’s Conference of our union for which getting little to nothing for, and putting the £10million we’d save annually by doing so, towards supporting co-operative community projects and other community organisations and initiatives, as well as helping to create a new political alternative to Labour which is of, by and for the majority of the people.

    UNITE has the clout to take the initiative, and to help bring into existence such a political alternative, and to potentially win a few other unions, currently affiliated to Labour to this perspective. The sooner it does in my view, the better.

    Stephen Hall.
    30 years a union member

    • wiganshale Says:

      You might also like this idea on my blog: @Avaaz @Ed_Miliband @Number10gov #marr a fair political cap on donations
      Instead of a union political levy, people would be able to choose a tax deductible donation to a party of their choice, changeable on a yearly basis, and any Labour party donation, by unite would come out of the Union leader’s Capped donation.

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