#occupy who’s read The shock doctrine by Naomi Klein?

Basically, the book describes how Milton Friedman set the basis for American foreign policy and the whole Global privatisation scene by claiming that all States Assets (owned and paid for by the 99%) should be sold off  to private business (the 1%) at rock bottom prices.

The best way of doing this should be by exploiting crises that occur.

(my examples below, better substantiated ones in the book )

E.g. Banks go into debt causes monetary crisis, government must shore them up to protect the economy.

Economy collapses (crisis), privatise state assets to fund Bank debts.

Economic growth stops as people laid off (crisis) Cost of Gov’t debt interest rises.

More people unemployed need more Government borrowing to protect 99% (!). Crisis.

Previously crises would occur naturally but US Security found that crises (a little war here and there) could be created.

Whoever was responsible for 9/11, it didn’t matter. This crisis enabled Bush and Blair (and their successors) to enact “security legislation” to continue erosion of Civil Liberties (the better to Gobble us up with) and invade a few Islamic countries, so they could be “re-stabilised” by Halliburton etc.


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