Get a postal vote and vote Community Action Party.

The Local Labour Party is a strong supporter of postal voting, because it means that they can “help” voters in care homes, exercise their franchise. It means that they can harry Labour supporters (by phone) to make sure that they have voted.

By default many non-Labour voters will fail to vote.

Partly because the location of polling booth’s are not widely publicised.

Partly because the polling booth’s are not always conveniently located, or easy to find.

Partly, because the weather is not always conducive to a lengthy walk (especially at my age).

Partly, because, surprisingly, some still have jobs and are too tired to make the effort.

Get a postal vote online ( and vote for Community Action Party.

I may not get elected (I can’t afford the advertising, at present) but the bigger the vote against Labour, the more that they take notice of your area’s problems. If I ever do get elected, you’ll get a lot more noticed and a lot more listened to.

There are three Labour councillor’s for Abram. Check out how many hours each that they make themselves available for your problems (surgeries are posted in your local library, if you still have one.)


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