#occupy @TonyParsonsuk Political parties want me to pay for them to spam me

Political parties do not NEED to be funded by Taxpayers or by corrupting vested interest.

Scouts, Sports Groups, independent political parties and every other group of like minded people are all funded by member subscription.

Some may organise fund raising events and raffles.

Some may apply for grants ( in public competition, giving an argued case).

Only The major political parties have the bare-faced effrontery to demand that they be given money as if they deserved it, or were entitled to it.

They seem incapable of seeing how morally corrupt their attitude is.

Any large donation, from Private Corporations, or Unions, or private individuals is an attempt to gain an advantage over the rest of the electorate, by circumventing due process.

Donations in the form of free advertising, promoting the preferred party and drowning out the competition is anti-democratic.

Although such matters are well-established practice, they are still morally corrupt, in their intent.

Expecting the Taxpayer to fund the advertising of political parties is arrogance.

Politicians are effectively claiming that we should pay for the privilege of being spammed by them.

As for practicalities, any means of dipping into the public purse would involve some form of criterion being applied, which would unfairly favour the status quo.

Consider the election deposit, forfeited by those who fail to achieve a particular quota of the vote; not truly democratic but not too restrictive.

Would independent candidates be entitled to dip into the public purse to the same extent as the other candidates, or, would they be excluded?

Would failing candidates be expected to payback lost Funding?

I don’t want corrupt Government, to perpetuate the two party system or pay to be spammed.


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