@SallyBercow political funding should be constituency based

I liked David M’s. support for a cap.

One way that his could be achieved would be if people could only donate, on an annual basis, for candidates in the constituency in which they were registered to vote.

This would be achieved, because political candidates have to submit a return on electoral expenses, which is, itself, capped.

The returns, for electorl expenditure, are available for public scrutiny and candidates can be convicted of electoral fraud, if a defeated opponent, or newspaper, can find proof of it. (Not police as they are being privatised, in a particular way)

MP’s contributing to party funds is already taken care of in terms of shared expenses. These have to be legitimate (fair market price) costings, or the whole party becomes liable to criminal prosecution.

It could also be used to counter the problem of Union Barons.

Unions could still raise a political levy but such funds would have to be earmarked for the appropriate candidate, with excess funding being returned, or with permission, being used for Union advertising of their wishes:

Unions could put up posters such as “We support Labour to re-nationalise the NHS”

Goldman-Sachs could put up posters saying “We support The Conservative and Unionist Party to reduce taxes on bankers”

No need for State funding,

No need for lavish, party political broadcasts, pushing the two party system.

No need for lobbyists running the country.

Best it would put party hacks and “parachuted in” candidates on a level with local independents.




As for Union Baron problem

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