#RealMen don’t put up frilly curtains.

The latest bit of nonsense being tattled about, by female columnists, is that women have to do the housework, even after a man has supposed to have done it.

Listen women, little boys don’t “play house” or “have dolly’s tea-parties”.

They play games and sports.

Little girls pretty things up e.g. by sticking macaroni on cardboard boxes and claiming them to be gifts.

Little boys rip their clothes and get them dirty (skin counts as clothes).

Little girls are excited by washing and dressing up.

Little boys fight washing and dressing up.

Little girls can’t wait to exchange their pretty new dress for the next new dress.

Little boys would prefer to wear the same clothes permanently, until they fell off and no longer provided protection.

Paint is meant to protect the material that they cover.

Damn the man, who discovered that paint could be made in many different pretty colours.

Only a woman would throw away the best part of the bread by making sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

Only a woman puts up frilly curtains.

For a man, a curtain is something to block out the morning sunlight and stop the neighbour’s wife from screaming that he’s flashed her.

For a man, the floor is dirty if his foot sticks to it or it crunches.

A woman can spot a flake of dandruff on a white carpet at 10 feet and grabs the hoover.

If there are sheets and blankets on the bed it’s made.

The only men to make beds that are flatter than a duckpond are soldiers, in barracks.

Men like natural smells and will grade farts.

Women reach for an aerosol, because Women prefer smells that make men and animals choke and jerk their heads away.

Stop whinging about men not being women.

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