@number10gov time to haul back the Scolds

In a period of high unemployment, we have too many people, making a living off brow-beating us.

The Charity industry demanding that we give and give, even to the detriment of ourselves and our connections.

We have the race industry demanding that we be pilloried, when our crime is only that someone took exception to what we said, or to what they may have thought we said. Poor Diane Abbott might have been imprisoned for what she tweeted, if she hadn’t been a black woman.

The Gay Rights Industry (CEO: Peter Thatchell) seems to be hunting farther and farther afield, for people to be offended by, although I doubt that they will risk being declared  Islamophobes by calling for mosques to be forced to conduct Gay Marriages.

Oops! I nearly missed out the H&S industry.

Ever since legislstion allowed the legal profession to become ambulance chasers, the Insurance Industry (its products are often a legal requirement) have added “Risk Assessment” get-out clauses to their policies and a new industry has sprung up. All public sector workers (and many in the private sector) now have to carry out risk assessments for all physical tasks such as using a paper clip.

Their manager’s have to have policies in place to ensure that staff receive adequate training and that they are monitored (by filling-in and filing appropriate forms).

All these people have to be trained and overseen by newly created lecturer’s and administrator’s, usually on impressive salaries.

I reckon this last industry, while not the most annoying, is the most damaging to Society.

The Drain on resources by this vast army of implementors, the time-consuming form-filling, the cost of storage of those forms and the waste of paper created. (one curse of computer’s is that they haven’t eased the work load but, falling foul of Parkinson’s Law, they have created a mountain of paperwork, which will never be read but quietly moulder away, until microbial action causes it to burst into flames).

We now have regular newspaper stories about firemen and police being unable to save the lives of people drowning in a few inches of water, because someone did a risk assessment and their manager’s won’t take the risk of facing a big insurance pay-out, if things go wrong.

The present Government is praying that small businesses  will get them out of the economic mire, while completely oblivious to the effects of these various Social leeches on their liquidity, either directly through Civil Service and Insurance form filling, or indirectly through CRB checks, vetting of adverts, training on minority rights etc. etc. etc.

Time to rein in some of these people.

Get rid of the CRE and affiliated organisations. Repeal the ambulance chaser’s charter.  Haul back on Chief constable’s who prioritise hate-crimes over thuggery (having one’s head kicked-in is presumably a caring action). Write up a law that will free people to use reasonable care and take an occasional risk, without fear of over harsh financial recriminations.



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