@bbcnews @Guardian irresponsible journalismincludes those who bury the truth under a blanket of sensationalist and unfounded allegations

What will the headlines on Hillsborough say in Tomorrow’s Press?

Exactly the same as the BBC’s TV news and Tweets etc.

“All caused by Drunken Liverpool fans”

By the time anyone wades down to the truth, if they bother to read on down, they will be prejudiced to that version.

Exactly as happened back in 1989.

Who will read this  buried near (but not at) the end of BBC’s on-line version:

“in newspaper reports at the time, the Merseyside Police Federation was quoted as saying that the accusations against Liverpool fans were “ill-informed comments” which were “based on hearsay rather than evidence”. The local federation secretary said that his phone had been “red hot” with calls from Merseyside officers demanding he speak out to “redress the balance”. In due course it was the view of the federation, rather than the chief constable, which was found to be correct by the official inquiry into the disaster by Lord Justice Taylor. He attributed the main cause of the incident to police failures in crowd control that led to a fatal crush in the Liverpool fans’ section of the ground.”

No comment will be made about the source of the alleged drunkenness : Sir Kenneth Oxford. His obituary , although these always paint people in the best light, made it clear ahow he felt about Scousers and how Maggie’s Willie gave him succour.

No mention will be made of roadblocks on the motorway, causing fans to arrive late.

No mention will be made of Kenny Dalglish’s letter to G.Kelly asking that the match be moved to Old Trafford, because of crowd problems the previous year.

No mention of Kelly’s refusal, or the allegation that he had a private word with S.Yorkshire’s Chief Constable, prior to the match, about “crowd control”; which led to fans being “kettled”.

No mention of the persecution of police officers,  witnesses to the aftermath. No mention of they were bullyied into a perjured version of the events, which is now a matter of record.

Let’s have an investigation of why this particular snidey bit (drunken fans allegation) of the hidden files is the first bit to be published by the “oh-so” independent BBC.


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