Greedy Capitalism is doomed to ultimate failure.

Capitalists are waking up to the fact that greed is not good, least of all for Capitalism.

High Frequency Trading, via computer software,  whilst helping Greedy Capitalists to become richer, has crippled the ability of the stock market to fund investment.

60% of trading is now HFT, with trades lasting an average of 11 secs.

A manoeuvre, which is supposed to be at least frowned on, is where a m/c asks for a selling price as a prelude to making an order. Instead of completing the deal the m/c reneges and cuts off the transaction.

This forces the other machine to then ask for a lower price, when the next offer comes in.

Depending on the algorithm being used, by the selling m/c, this could artificially drive the price of a stock downwards, below a fair price.

Fine for the buyer but discouraging for the seller, who will look at alternative means of investing their Capital.

The Stock Market can try to implement rules that prevent this but it is a warning to those who believe in Capitalism, that they need to wake up to the fact that “Greed is NOT good” and that it is destroying their Economic system.

“The race goes to the swiftest” is understandable as a basis for a philosophy, where others come second, third, etc.

When “the race goes to the greediest”, it means that no-one survives, not even, in the end, the winner.

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