why Tories want to free up “hire and fire” and why soldiers are poorly fed.

When I worked as an electrician, I had to do call-outs, on top of my normal day’s work. The conditions were that I had to clock-on, on-site and received pay at a flat-rate, for each quarter hour, clocked-on. The fact that my return journey time took over an hour, for each call-out, didn’t qualify for reward. It was my fault for not sleeping in a vending machine, where the shift manager could chuck in a small coin to wake me up to change a light bulb.

This, for me, is the typical view of the working class by right wing employers. This is why the Tories are about to free up legislation to make it easier for bosses to hire and fire. This is why ordinary soldiers are going without meals under a Tory dominated M.o.D. and why their wives are being denied army accommodation.

This why the Tories are hated by the working class.

The Working Class (whether or not they actually have employment) know that, given the licence, Cameron’s beloved Business men would be happy to use them the same way that Krupps used Nazi prisoners, with the same degree of empathy as Blackadder has for Baldrick.

Cameron’s aim seems to be to give them that licence.

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