Leave Iran alone, unless you have proof that they are going to attack you.

In Foreign Affairs, my inclination is towards non-intervention.  It maybe that this is a consequence of my education and the combination  History and Current Affairs lessons that I received from mainly Officer class, Oxford educated teachers.

Whatever  the case may be, it chimes with advice that my father gave me, which was to never come between husband and wife.

When the disputing sides reconcile their differences, they’ll divert their anger towards you.

Recent forays into other nations’ internal politics seem to bear up this advice. Despite the claims of our political leaders, the recent adventure in Libya has not endeared us to them.

The only possible excuse for assisting Libya was if Gadaffi  was funding the real IRA etc. The only excuse for declaring war on Hitler was that we knew, long term, he would turn his attention to us and already had his plans laid out (the Baedecker tourists).

No action should be taken against Iran, unless they commit an overtly hostile act. Sabre rattling doesn’t count.


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