Immigrants won’t become British by “celebrating” their non-Britishness

In the debate on Britishness, there was a large element of discussion about whether we needed to embrace multi-culturism, or whether we should eschew it.

My thoughts were drawn to the situation that existed in my youth, where Jews,  fleeing the Nazi’s, The Russian pogroms and the earlier attacks in places such as Southern Germany had formed closed communities in places such as Golders Green, in London, Brownlow Hill, in Liverpool,  and presumably similar locations in other big cities. Such locations still exist in our cities but one has to look hard to notice them. The Jews have been assimilated into the general population and are not considered as immigrants.

For me this is because, we didn’t make it easy for them. We didn’t “celebrate” their cultural differences. We were aware of them but paid no attention. We didn’t stick our noses into other people’s business.  The acceptance of the Jews wasn’t harmed by our aversion to what had occurred in Nazi Germany.

They had to learn English and how to be British, if they wished to survive.  It was the same for the “Windrush” West Indians, except they already spoke the language and their out-going culture came in on the same tide that brought us Black American music and rock’n’roll.

The last few decades of trying to fight racism, with the setting up of the CRE and the spread of the anti-racism industry, has been counter-productive. Instead of the new immigrants being expected to find their own seat on the bus, we’ve all been hectored into clamouring for them to come and sit next to us, or be labelled as a fascist, if we don’t.

I am convinced that there would be a lot less racism, if the race industry was wound down and officialdom  stopped being extra-kind to immigrants. If they want to stop in their own communities, let them. The youngster’s will always rebel and seek to make their way in the local environment. It’s already apparent that they’ll inter-marry, becoming  Geordies, Scousers, Londoners, etc.

Those natives, who still align with the BNP will find themselves isolated, as friends and relatives find themselves chumming up with the newcomers.

“Celebrating” “Multi-cultural diversity” is a retrograde act, which is holding up this process of assimilation and the British born descendants of  immigrants need to start fighting back at those people who have made a career from their situation.


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