cut petrol tax

At present the price of fuel is rising. Not because of any shortage’s, but because 1%ers are gambling on the possibility of Iran creating a shortage. Politicians are, of course, allowing this. Some because they hat motorists, some because they are shareholders in relevant companies and some because they know where their loyalties lie.

The Eco-freaks claim that tax on fuel must rise to deter car ownership and make commuters move onto (inadequate) public transport systems. If their case is valid, there should have already been a reduction in the number of car journeys and a consequent reduction in the tax revenue raised.

Unless The Chancellor is not really interested in raising revenue, the above scenario would argue against increased fuel levies and argue for a reduction, in order to maximise income. (an argument being applied to lowering the rate of Income Tax for him and his chums).

If the Eco-freaks have got it wrong then we should bid them the soldier’s farewell and point out to the Chancellor that you can only get so much blood out of a bull before it drops dead.

Lower petrol tax.


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