#occupy Saudi: Fred Forsyth suggests buying Assad’s pilots and soldiers.

I like Fred Forsyth’s solution to the situation in Syria:

The Saudi are one of the countries calling for U.N. intervention.

But Saudi royalty are the 1% of the Global 1%.

Fred suggests that they offer a bounty of £100,000 for each Syrian jet flown into Turkey (best choice for a defecting pilot), with scaled bounties for tanks etc, down to £100 for a soldier’s rifle.

Peanuts to the Saudi’s but incredible sums for most Syrians, many of whom hold a greater allegiance to the people that they are killing, than to the ruling clique.

I think he’s right in claiming that Assad’s regime and his slaughter wouldn’t last longer than it would take for the News to be spread.

As soon as a few defections had been reported, there’d be an avalanche of them.

If the Saudi’s are scared of having targets pinned on ther backs, they could always channel the money through Sarkozy or some other Western “leader”.


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