@number10gov do we actually need to scrap HMS Liverpool?

I sent an email to the leader of Liverpool City Council, suggesting that the City buy H.M.S. Liverpool but it seems he’d already considered it, from another aspect. (see below)

Perhaps, other Cities, with ports, could take up the idea, especially if Cameron and Osborne were to “smile on it”.

In the last war we called on the small boats at Dunkirk and we bought The U.S’s rusting hulks (at Yankee Trader prices) to try to protect our Atlantic convoy’s.

This way we could have a sort of Naval Reserve. We could even have a cut price Royal Yacht that could. as Britannia did in The Falklands, serve as a hospital ship.

Certainly better than scrapping perfectly seaworthy vessels (assuming contracts haven’t already been signed) such as H.M.S. Liverpool, which was actively involved in recent operations

Sent: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 07:23 PM To: Anderson, Joe (Leader of the City Council) Subject: HMS Liverpool

It’s sad to see this ship destined to be scrapped, possibly in some Turkish scrapyard, as with others of its class. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile seeing what the purchase price and running costs might be?

Quite apart from its particular connection with Liverpool, there’s our heritage connections with The Western Approaches etc.

I contacted you as someone keen to raise Liverpool’s tourist potential and where else, besides London can most people get to walk the decks of a modern destroyer, or possibly take a cruise on one.

I appreciate that under R.N. conditions, the maintenance costs would be high.

However, stripped down and under Merchant vessel conditions, it could offer a fast and interesting trip to I.o.M etc.

 An added advantage is that it could still be put to use, in a time of emergency.

Hi John,

 Thank you for contacting me. I am exploring this and the possibilities of using the ship as a tourist attraction and for use by the City and sea cadets. However it all depends on cost, so we will have to wait and see.

Cllr Joe Anderson


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