#occupy. maintain the momentum, by advertising even minor victories.

One respondent on Taxtherich (on facebook) mentioned how some workers had changed their management’s decision in favour of their protest.

This caused me to think that there should be some way to keep posting any little local successes, or even larger scale minor successes.

The point being that if people only see protest and a failure to cause change, then Occupy etc. will lose headway, as people turn to thoughts of “eat, drink and be merry….”.

Apathy is what Gov’t’s rely on.

Apathy is why we have a two (three?) party system, with only 25% of the electorate bothering to vote.

We need to give people hope that things can change.

We need to do that before the situation becomes so bad that we face the oppression being meted out to the Greeks.

The tighter the noose placed on the Demos, the more explosive the final revolt against it.

We escaped the worst excesses, because our revolt came in the 1600’s.

The excesses in France lasted longer and, so, grew worse, culminating in “The Terrors”

Russia didn’t do too well, nor did China.

The rise of Hitler, in Post-War Germany, was a consequence of France doing to Germany, what both are now doing to Greece. It is happening now in N. Africa, not because of Islamic fundamentalism but because of external and internal exploitation.

If we wish to create a peaceful world for our children, we must restrain the corruption permeating our political system and those members of the 1%, who are corrupting them.

Protests about the  Tory version of Workfare have caused quite a few firms to withdraw and offer their own fairer conditions. Protests about bonuses to RBS chief have caused him to surrender his bonus, although Cameron has come out swinging at protestors, complaining of an anti-business culture, this has rebounded on him to an extent, because of RBS bonus payments (http://news.sky.com/home/business/article/16175452) .

Keep advertising even the smallest successes; because it’s a certainty that the Media and, through it, The Government will want to play down any increase in Democracy.


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