@CPS @LFCTV this looks like an attempt at blackmail cloaked in sanctimony

I read this in The Daily Express’s Football shorts. My first thought was that apologies had already been made, as requested, and why was this columnist trying to dig the last bit of dirt out of it.

I then caught the third demand and this, for me, changed the whole tenor of the letter.

I see this as groups of people, short on funding, seeking to shakedown LFC, by proposing that they represent a section of the local community, who have been damaged by this issue.

I see no problem with demands 1,2 and 4, which I believe have already been actuated.

I see demand number 3 as being the core reason for this letter being sent, via national newspaper.

The suggestion that the money would be used to sponsor an International Conference, rather than salve their alleged local “hurt”, points to a wish to maximise the monetary compensation.

What would happen if LFC fails to comply?

I’m surprised that a National Newspaper published this letter instead of handing it straight over to the Criminal Prosecution Service.

LIVERPOOL have been accused of ‘incitement of racism’ in a fierce attack from A group of anti-racist organisations and high profile local and national black leaders.

An open letter from the collective was delivered yesterday claiming the club and manager, Kenny Dalglish had `mishandled’ the Luis Suarez , Patrice Evra row.

One of the members of the group, Gloria Hyatt, MBE, Said: “Liverpool Football Club has presided over the worst incident of racism in football seen in recent years.

“Their misguided handling of Suarez-Evra has let down all of those in the city Who worked hard to challenge racism and make Liverpool a better place to live for everyone.”

The letter outlined four demands, calling on Liverpool to (1) publicly accept the finding of the Football Association’s independent panel into the Suarez case and (2) that the club and the player publicly apologise to Evra.

(3) The club was also asked, in partnership with Liverpool and national black and ethnic minority organisations to commit to and sponsor an international conference on the issue of eradicating racism in football.

(4) Civic leaders,  in addition to Liverpool Football Club, were  also  urged to sign up to a public declaration reaffirming  their commitment to combating racism and promoting race equality through proactive actions.



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