@thegreenparty @number10gov I wish it would stop raining, so I could water the garden.

According to BBC News, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-17091256

Caroline Spelman says she’s gathering everyone together to discuss the situation, including water users. I won’t be holding my breath. She won’t care what the Demos  thinks.

Instead of holding “important” meetings, with lunch paid for at public expense, she might try casting her eyes over the conditions of sale made when the water companies were handed their franchises.

She might like to re-examine the numerous occasions, on which the Water Companies have been given the power to increase their rate of taxation significantly above the rate of inflation to cover the cost of improving the infrastructure.

When we had a nationalised water board, it cost us a (old) penny in the pound on the rates.  i.e. 0.42% of the rateable value of our properties. It is now about 1.78% in my area.

Put another way we are paying about 4.5 times what we used to pay and have been doing so since the 1980’s. Despite all that extra cash over the last three decades, they still haven’t justified privatisation, as we were assured it would.

I suggest that Caroline might like to look at the profit margins of these Companies. Money going out of the country to reward foreign investors, who recognise a captive market and a monopolistic opportunity when they see it. She might look at the old water board assets that were stripped off. E.g. the reservoirs that were sold off for housing development and which would have gone some way to alleviating the alleged drought in the densely populated South- East of  England.

Get rid of the money-grubbing private companies and treat this as a National emergency, as was done in the last World War.

It’s ridiculous that in a country, where we only need sun-block for perhaps 20 days in a year, we are being threatened with National drought orders and hose-pipe bans (only for the Demos, of course).


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