@ProfBrianCox Where did all the anti-matter go?

I quite like Prof. Brian Cox’s explanation of the creation of the Universe but his constant iteration of Physics being simple and beautiful is spoilt for me by an over-simplification.

It’s an aspect that is never covered in such descriptions.

All matter is created from nothingness, as in 0 = +1 plus -1, where the =1 refers to matter and the -1 refers to anti-matter.

The big problem is that there doesn’t seem to be any anti-matter Galaxies out there.

The only attempt to explain this, which I have come across, blithely states that when matter condensed out, there was an asymmetry that caused a slight excess of matter (?), with all the anti-matter being annihilated by matter.

Quite apart from “0 = +1 plus -1 “becoming “0 = +(1 + a little bit) plus -1 ” , there’s a lot of energy there that we aren’t seeing. Is it this energy which is driving the expansion of The Universe?

I’d like to see a clearer explanation of what’s going on.

Just to compound matters. Prof. Brian Cox says that when you stick two protons together, one becomes a neutron, making Deuterium.

O.K. I know he’s dumbing down but when a proton becomes a neutron, it must be by releasing a positron. I.e. the anti-matter version of an electron.

In the Universe there are equal numbers of protons and electrons (unless someone knows better) and 1 to 3 neutrons for every proton.

So where have all those positrons gone?

If they’ve been annihilated by electrons, there must have been a lot of electrons to start with. More interestingly, each annihilation would have been accompanied by the production of a pair of 1.4MeV Gamma Rays.

There would be enough of these to make a noticeable blip in the background radiation but I’ve not read of any.

I’m not a Cosmologist and I don’t have the Math to follow these stories, so it would be nice if someone, somewhere did a little piece to clarify these issues for me.




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