#occupy changing laws on corporate responsibility and land ownership.

Occupy LSX invited comments (http://occupylsx.org/?p=3617 ) on the following;

If more and more of the world is being moved from common ownership to private, what does the law have to say? Are there any laws in England and Wales that are there because they’ve been bought? Should nuisances be treated differently if they occur in the context of peaceful protest?  And if corporatocracy exists as a modern phenomenon, how does it relate to the judiciary and who wears the pants?

I, of course, responded with my two penn’orth of opinion, although it might not be a direct response to the actual statement, I still felt like making it :

Inasmuch as I believe that the Enclosure’s Act was a crime against the people of this country, I believe that it would be some redress if all land that was not enclosed and maintained as such (for the major part of each year), were to revert to public land.

As such, The Public would be free to use such land in a manner that did not deprive other’s of their right to do the same, on a permanent basis.

This would apply to all properties, including shops and unoccupied premises. (based on limited night-time access etc. this would limit shops opening hours and bar squatting in homes, where people are merely on holiday/in hospital).

Protestors would be free to demonstrate on such land.

This would mean that protestors could march on the highway but would have to let vehicles etc. pass and vice versa.

If a company commits a crime then the Board should be held responsible. In the case of the recent judgment on a level crossing death, where it was found that middle management had reported the likelihood of deaths, the Board should have faced charges of Manslaughter.

The same should be applicable to Hospital Trusts, who can be proven, through their system of management, to have indirectly, or directly caused death. The only mitigation being for those who are recorded as having opposed a particular course of action.

I would like the same logic to apply to cabinet decisions, particularly where a senior member has imposed his will on the others, or has lied to them, such as Tony Blair’s actions in committing this country to war against Iraq.


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