plastic extrusion filters for recycling

At present, plastic for recycling has to be sorted, chewed up and then extruded as pellets.

This inevitably means that bits of metal and paper must get in the melt and clog up the extruders.

It seems that, if it hasn’t already been done, that a set of extrusion moulds, set up on the lines of the revolver chamber, in a colt 45,¬†could be used.

Such a mechanism could be hydraulically operated in terms of opening up the extruder barrel, rotating the chamber and clamping the barrel closed again.

This could be done quickly enough that a temporary halting of the screw wouldn’t lead to the melt having time to solidify.

The moulds could be taken out and replaced like a used shell; the cleaning operation taking place, at leisure, at a remote station.

It might even be useful, where there is a need for different sized pelletising, or different extrusion shapes.


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