Bonuses:@UKLabour @Ed-Miliband @Labourparty. You don’t give a waitress a 100% tip

Some people are asking where all the agitation is getting us.

The answer is not far but politicians are aware of our concerns and are trying to appear sympathetic, without upsetting their sponsors.

Every time the BBC announces some concession, it’s always coupled with a partial rebuttal from an authorative representative from The City etc.

Their latest Mantra is that the UK is being seen as anti-business, as though asking that they pay their fair share of taxes and take only a fair share of the Nation’s life-blood was somehow unfair to leeches.

Nobody has any problem with businesses making money out of providing a service. That’s what a worker does. He provides a service and earns an agreed wage. What we ask is that everyone gets a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

The big problem at the moment is that the Government is showing a bias towards an excessive un-earned wage for businesses and a parsimonious reward for their front-line employees.

Later today, Labour politicians will make a token opposition to bonus payments, for top management. So far the only concession has been one public employees (Hester) declining his bonus, while the allegedly privately financed executives of Network Rail have insisted on keeping their bonuses (wouldn’t want to set a precedent) but magmanimously declaring that they will use it to make level crossinggs safer. This almost a case of hypocrisy, in view of their prolonged legal defence in their recent losing case of negligence, where Top management ignored the warnings of their Frontline management. I expect that next year they will announce that they have made vast improvements to level crossings, due to their generosity, and will award themselves double bonuses. As they may well make a loss next year, the Taxpayer will be called on to make up the deficit, which will include those bonuses.

If politicians were genuinely sincere in wanting to create a fair Society and genuinely believed that we were all in it together, then they’d ensure that Goldman-Sachs etc didn’t get “Sweetheart deals, that Topman etc. couldn’t use blatantly obvious subterfuges to avoid taxes, that people, such as Tony Blair, paid more than £37,000 tax on a £12,000,000 income .

They’d end the excessive pay awards to companies that can’t fail (because the Taxpayer picks up any shortfall).

They’d acknowledge that no-one can earn salaries (with extra’s) that are more than most citizens can genuinely earn, in a lifetime.

They’d cap bonuses in private, as well as in public, concerns, at 10% of salary (tax anything over this).

————You don’t give a waitress a 100% tip as an incentive against the next time she serves your order, so why do that with an executive, especially, when he’s done the equivalent of sneeze on your meal.———————

If businesses really believe that paying a fair level of taxation means that they’d rather go elsewhere, then let them.

If Topshop wants to trade in this country then its owners etc. must pay taxes in this country on what they earn here.

I, for one, never believed the teacher, about to cane me, that it was for my own good.

Similarly, I do not believe politicians, who insist that I must accept their premise that State assets being given to private businesses, as effective monopolies, is in my own interest.

I say let them give the previously State-owned assets back, if they can’t run them profitably AND effectively.

We’ll find people, who’ll do it for a reasonable wage.



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