They walk amongst us and are accepted as normal, whilst poisoning Society.

I was intensely annoyed by the whinge from The Shadow Equalities Minister, which shows all that is wrong with the type of people who get onto Labour’s shortlists nowadays.

In fact it shows how far Labour has distanced itself, from the working classes, where women do not get “disturbed” by seeing a beer labelled as Top Totty beer, complete with a picture of a Buxom blonde.

This is a Society where many Labour voters are the mainstay supporters of “Carry on” films and page 3 topless models. Where Jordan is actually considered as normal and it is the likes of Kate Green, who are a bit odd.

Jenny Selway (Daily Express) commented on the story, saying that Kate Green would be a “laughing stock”.

This irritated me in that, she still got her way on the issue and succeeded in imposing her narrow-minded views on the rest of us.

I emailed Jenny with this:I doubt very much if Kate Green will be a laughing stock for long. Consider; who, apart from hairy-legged feminists, were aware of her existence?  Who will recall, apart from the afore-mentioned, who she is, in two weeks time? She’s achieved her purpose. She’s given her fans something to cheer, got her face seen amongst those who matter (party bosses) and she’s stamped her right-on credentials.

She responded with: I don’t actually think the old saying “all publicity is good publicity” is true.

Although mildly sympathetic to my view, it does show how her generation, having grown up with these people walking amongst us, accepts this social bullying as normal.

This prompted the following reply:

I hope you’re right. I’m old enough to be aware of what it was like for women pre-feminism and I’m old enough to remember the relative respect shown between the sexes (at least publicly).

I’ve suffered the idiocies of those, who wish to control us by censuring our actions and words e.g. the sisterhood, for far too long.

I know we can’t go back into the past and call a coloured person a “negro”, or a homosexual by anything but the inappropriate “gay”, or wolf-whistle at an attractive woman, or even address her as “love” but it is tiring that people like Kate Green continue to be obeyed by influential people, such as Sir George Young.

And there’s the real problem. Not that Jenny’s generation accept these people as common currency, or that the likes of Kate Green seek to have power over others. The real problem is that the people, who should be guiding Society, such as Sir George Young are so ready to go with the flow and rubber stamp the anti-social actions of people such as Kate Green.


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