@number10gov Cameron’s fat cat who got the cream.

Mirror.co.uk printed this pic of The RBS boss and proceeded to justify his bonus, not in terms of the criteria that must have been set (one hopes that such criteria were set) but by comparing him to a Premiership footballer.

Apparently, his salary is a mere £40,000 per week:

“That’s about the same as a mediocre Premier League player. Mario Balotelli, the clown prince of Manchester City, and Wayne Rooney command £200,000 a week.”

A fair comparison?

The Public can actually see these mediocre footballer’s earning their money during their short career, after which many will need intensive and on-going medical care.

Everyone can see why Rooney got his job. Who appointed Hester? How did he merit this job? ( Never mind..  C.V .’s aren’t real evidence)

These mediocre footballers will be knocking back Ibuprofen, when Hester will be knocking back Banana Dacquiri’s, in the Caribbean.

Of course there’s no threat that Hester’s career could be shortened by a crippling injury.  Even if he makes a momentous mess of his job, he’ll probably get an O.B.E.,  or some such.

Perhaps Hester should be rated on a par with Rooney.

Rooney was sold by cash-strapped Everton to wealthy M.U. for a sum which helped them out of financial straits.

RBS is cash-strapped, perhaps there’s a bank out there, in the real world, that’d like to buy Hester off us, at a Premiership price, but I somehow doubt it.


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