Capitalism isn’t the problem it’s greedy capitalists and incompetent politico’s

This is my response to Guardian’s

“Capitalism only creates misery – we need a system that puts human wellbeing first.”

Capitalism is a useful means of funding business start-ups.

The problem arises when the power it has is used to destroy good businesses for profit or corrupt the political process.

The first scenario arose back under Maggie, when many firms, which had trading difficulties, were asset stripped instead of just being stripped fitter (the main benefit claimed for private enterprises).

The second scenario, although originating in the John Smith Institute, was again seized on by Maggie.

That is the notion of privatisation.

Gas etc. had, wisely, been nationalised, because the plethora of independent enterprises was causing chaos.

The State (funded by the taxpayer) bought these companies up , standardised and modernised them, before Maggie sold them off.

They lie in the hands of cartels.

These work against the public good and show one area in which Capitalism needs to be removed from the equation.

I.e. where it acts against the good of the Nation.

Essentially those facilities that an enemy nation would target, in the event of war.

Privatisation is also contrary to public interest, when it relies on State funding and is enforceble by Law.

Here I include BBC licensing, most Arms-Length organisations, quangoes, PFI’s etc.

Keep Capitalism but keep it in check.


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