@Number10gov Time for a new definition of a colony and a re-defined role for the U.N.

Argentina President Cristina Kirchner says:

“The United Nations Committee on Decolonisation has 16 cases open on places that remain colonies, of which 10 are British colonies, and one of the best known is our beloved Malvinas islands,”

Time to decolonise ?

We need to do something to blunt the point of this accusation.

Could we declare these colonies, Departments, as the French did?

They’d have voting rights in the British and, for the present, European Parliaments, and they could insist on being addressed by their own chosen name.

[Incidentally, what name would The Falklands be listed under by the United Nations Committee on Decolonisation?]

There must be some legal nicety that would remove the opportunity for Argentina, Spain etc. to use the U.N. as a soapbox to demand control of English speaking territories.

Above all, a line needs to be drawn under which territories can be declared colonies; perhaps they should be territories captured or annexed since the inception of the U.N. and the international agreement that colonies are a “bad thing”.

If the Argentine claim to the Falklands has to go back to 1883, why not go back to the seizure of South American Territories from the Amerindians in the 1500’s. There are probably a few native people’s, deep in the jungles, who weren’t exterminated. We could have a U.N. resolution for their present overlords to negotiate a settlement on sovereignty with some of their representatives.

Sounds ridiculous but then we have our own example of Welsh independence for land that was captured, even earlier and populated by people who are genetically indistinguishable from the rest of the population of Britain.

We could go back even further and split England along the lines of the Viking North and the Saxon South.

What role has the U.N. played?

All I could find was this load of blather (http://www.un.org/News/Press/docs/2009/gaspd422.doc.htm ), which makes it clear that the mighty peacemakers of the U.N. have done no more than ask us to negotiate with Argentina.

The wisdom of Pontius Pilate, rather than a Solomon.

Why ask us to negotiate?

What possible agreement can there be?

It’s just a playground “They’re ours…. Oh,No, they’re not!”.

In its present context, it’s as soluble as a debate on Theism.   We need a new context that removes the debate.

Above all of this:

What is the point of the U.N., except as a talking shop, fermenting (not fomenting) discord?


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