@occupylsx @number10gov I can’t accept that we can’t make our bankers take more reasonable bonuses.

The Government line for not stopping the publicly owned banks from shelling out tax-payers’ money on obscene bonuses is that (a) the previous Gov’t agreed to it and (b) that if they do act, the Banks might move abroad.

I don’t understand the first, because they agree all sorts of things with us, then renege. I’m not just talking election promises, which we all seem to accept as being blatant lies.

I’m talking about pension rights etc. Welfare payments, etc. which control our weekly budgets and hence are crucial in making long term decisions. At the simplest level, consider the question of further education. To stay on at school, work hard for good exam results, apply for University and get a better job, where I can make a greater contribution to Society, or should I grab that short life job at McDonalds, which will bring in some cash now, knowing that the future is uncertain and can be changed on a political whim.

I say renege on any foolish agreement with OUR  banks.

The second aspect is highly suspect. Quite apart from HSBC already being in talks with China, having scented bigger profits in that more authoritarian regime, what is keeping them here now?

The factors that keep them here rather than going to the Far East, or S.America, or even The U.S.A. will probably be more significant than any small attempt to tax them, or curtail their excesses. They’re certainly not going to move into Europe, if its a question of location.

In fact as no-one has even attempted to elucidate these factors, or clarify how far we’d have to push them, I’m even further inclined to believe that this is a spurious excuse for not taking effective action against their flagrant disregard for the consequences of their cavalier attitude towards public sentiment. I’m even more convinced that politicians have a financial self interest in maximising the power of the Banks and other financial institutions.

In short, the pleadings of Osborne etc. stink.


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