@occupy LSX Fred Forsyth and Dutch rail line that suggests there’s something fishy about HS2.

Once again we have to thank Fred Forsyth for his extensive knowledge.
How else would we have been made aware of the Dutch Fyra service?
It beggars belief that no-one else, with a voice, has been aware of this or has thought to mention it.
All those MEP’s, including Nick Farage, never thought to point out this railway version of the Emperor’s new clothes; yet they should surely have been aware of the comparison with the proposed HS2.
As Fred says, this new train would cut minutes from the journey. E.g. Birmingham to Manchester cut from 2hours 11 mins to 1hour 55mins.
So what? A train could be stopped for longer than this by the most trivial incident.
The relevant Minister says that it will cost very little to build and fares would be comparable to those presently in force.
As the only people with experience in building and running the HS2, will be the Dutch one (High Speed Alliance), the lesson relayed by Fred is that this wasn’t true in Holland, why should it be true here.
The really frightening thing is that the HS2 will go ahead, because too many politicians will feel that they have invested their reputations in it and the people behind the Dutch Firm will be looking to the British Taxpayer to recoup their investment, with interest.

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