MP’s, such as Caroline Spelman, should have experience working in a job, before they become its Minister

Caroline Spelman, MP, thinks schools should teach children to pick up litter.

Please! Give teacher’s a break.

The majority of kids would willingly do this and don’t have to be taught by teacher’s.

They have been taught by their parents.

But these kids have other’s in the same classroom, whose parents have taught them to have no regard for authority or other people’s rights.

Parents, who, themselves, cheat, steal, foul, spit, swear, know and demand their rights, take drugs, drink to excess and live in filth.

Teacher’s have no more ability to control such children than the police or the courts.

What carrot do you use, when they can get what they want by shop-lifting?

What punishment do you use, when they and everyone else knows that the courts can do nothing, either?

Whilst these kids are having to be sweet-talked and cajoled by their teachers just to do colouring-in, how can the well behaved kids be persuaded to pick up the litter dropped by those that get most of the Teacher’s attention, when the teacher’s attention is the one thing that they most desire.

What’s the best way for these kids to get that attention?

Think about it.


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