@Ed_Miliband Dromey sets bad precedent.

Jack Dromey, husband of Labour’s Deputy Leader, Harriet Harman, has failed to declare payments from the Unite union.

He has been let off censure with an apology to the House.

I am unhappy with this for various reasons.

First; these people award themselves large salaries, because they are allegedly top quality people who don’t make mistakes, such as forgetting to declare outside payments.

Second; he is supposed to be working for his constituents, not a Union.

Third; this precedent allows even more suspect payments to others to evade full chastisement.

Fourth; Ed Milliband by his failure to take action, effectively condones this deceit for MP’s from all sides of the House and weakens his ability to attack the next Tory hack, who pockets a few £ million.


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