Deer eaten by Tiger ,eaten by Tyrannosaurus Rex. Which is noblest?

There is a program on the Eden channel about some naturalists trying to protect the Tiger (and their professional careers) from extinction.

There was one scene, where one Tiger lover was showing footage of the butchered remains of a Tiger, killed for its bones, to be used in traditional Chinese medicine.

The viewer appeared to show an attempt to cry, followed by an attempt to retch, brought on by the images being displayed by the other Tiger Lover, who seemed to be striving to suppress his delight at the other’s discomfiture.

Having despaired at the mentality of people, who could deprive this Noble(?) animal of its life, we next see a gaggle of them viewing video of numerous animals that their noble Tiger might eat.

Almost slavering at the thought of these low grade animals, such as the Samba deer, being hunted, killed and eaten by these noble Tigers.

Later we are invited to look at some poor herdsman’s Yak, which has been killed by a Tiger.

A finger is poked through the hole in the neck of the yak, made by the tiger’s tooth, and compared to a bullet hole.

An odd comparison with the poacher’s bullet that killed the tiger viewed earlier.

This invited me to consider the comparison of a death by a shot through the brain, which the tiger probably never knew about, with the death of the Yak, vainly trying to shake off the tiger as it used its claws to climb along the yak’s flanks to a position, where it could sink its tooth into the spine or into a major artery, allowing the yak time to realise that its life would soon be over.

I’m not a vegetarian.

I like my meat.

I just find it absurd that these people can do so much emoting over a Tiger, which will kill thousands of herbivore’s (and possibly a few people) before it dies.

I don’t understand why these people expect me to feel the same way about this particular animal.

If it became extinct, would our children really lose that much?

If so the perhaps we should strive to make Jurassic park a reality. Think Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Think how “noble” he would be.


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