Express apolgises for libel by default. Glad it wasn’t a picture of me.

A correction

ON JANUARY 8, 2012, we published a picture of a section of Liverpool FC supporters at the match between Liverpool and Oldham Athletic. During this match, an Oldham player was racially abused by a fan. We would like to make it clear that the section of the crowd depicted was not involved in the racial abuse incident. We apologise for any misunderstanding the publication of the picture may have caused.

A fan has been charged for an alleged statement, which made an Oldham player cry.

Not yet convicted, so not only has Express effectively slandered innocent people, they could well have prejudiced the police case by the phrase the racial abuse incident, without making it clear that it was an alleged incident.

I don’t know the full facts but while I would not want Liverpool supporters to make such statements, I am concerned that one supporter was reported at believing he heard “Manc” rather than “black”.

Newspaper’s send their staff on courses to teach them to check facts and to be unbiased etc. The Express seems to have wasted any such money, if even The Editor can’t show more care


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