@chrishuhne @greenparty biggest carbon footprint of car is in its manufacture

Cars are made from Steel and iron, which rusts.

This is great for the car industry, which wants a constant turnover in demand. The term planned obsolescence came from this industry.

It’s also great for carheads such as Jeremy Clarkson, who must have lots of new doodads on the vroom-vrooms.

The rest of us simply want a means of travelling beyond the next hill, as was the case last century.

It’s Ok getting to London by HS2 in one hour but some of us would like to get out into the wilds and back, in less than a day.

It’d be nice to be able to buy a car that could be passed on to one’s descendants. Such a car, even if it used petrol would be a whole lot greener than present vehicles.

It’s simple: you use a brass frame with a papier maché shell.

A new home grown People’s car industry could be founded that would get us out of this economic slump and help us reduce the Carbon footprint of its manufacture



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