We need a new international dollar, based on units of energy, not political chicanery

The folowing is a follow to my nephew’s posting of this website:


I don’t really get the debt-free money notion.

A pound note is basically an IOU, originally backed by a pound of Gold.

All money is a form of barter.

Paper money is a promise to repay a barter at a future date (i.e. a debt).

All your youtube video ( http://www.positivemoney.org.uk/ ) says is that instead of anyone being able to create iou’s (under permission of the Bank of England), we should only allow the Bank of England do this.

But it it is the B.o.E that created and then defrauded paper money, when it first reneged on its promise to “pay the bearer on demand the sum of one pound (of Gold)”.

What I’m saying is that Gold has no intrinsic value, whereas energy has.

I gallon of petrol will produce a specific amount of energy, whenever it is used. It can be equated to any form of work, heat, light.

It has an intrinsic value.

A bowl of rice is a form of energy, whether it is used as food (human fuel) , burned to produce heat or converted into alcohol to replace petrol etc.

We can not carry these commodities around with us, so we have to have promissory notes, IOU’s, banknotes etc, even if they are simply electronic banknotes.

Money will always be debt based, like Wimpy’s promise to Popeye that if he will purchase him a hamburger, he will “gladly pay him back on Tuesday”.

It’s a case of trusting Wimpy.

I have no reason to trust the B.o.E. than I have to trust Wimpy or Goldman-Sachs. (check http://en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/Bank_of_England).

I have no reason to trust the Government, who devalued the pound to the point where it is now a promise that I will pay the Bank’s creditors someting in the order of an ounce of gold (and rising), should they ever call in the debt.

My only surety lies in the fact that they know that I don’t have any gold to repay them and I’m too old to work it off.

I don’t see how you can reform the monetary system.

All you can do is copy the plan that Hitler adapted and adopted.

Raise two fingers to your Nation’s creditors and create a modern equivalent of the Landsmark.

[The Queen, The C.o.E. and The Duke of Westminster might not like that, as they tend to think that they own most of the Country and rely on the rents raised from it].

Internationally Government’s seem to measure wealth in barrels of oil.

I would be happy to see an international dollar based on that principle, whereby no one Government can embroil us all in its own Ponzi scheme and then get out of difficulty by simply devaluing the currency, which would have a value fixed by Scientific convention..


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