@Number10gov David Cameron, how will Merkel-Sarkozy cope with this, when they can’t even cope with fiscal unity.

From Fullermoney:

You could  say that Europe has crises enough without worrying too much about a Hungarian  dissident turned petty tyrant. Hungary, after all, is not even a member of the   euro. To overlook Viktor Orban’s journey from anti-communist progressive to   populist xenophobe would, however, be to repeat a mistake made about Greece.  

The troubles of Europe’s small powers can be a harbinger of bigger dangers around   the corner.
Hungary’s prime minister presents a reminder – should anyone on this continent   need one – of the familiar trajectory from economic chaos to political authoritarianism.  

The European Union has had two grand projects since the fall of the Berlin Wall:   the single currency and the advance of democracy eastwards. The euro is now  in serious trouble. Mr Orban sends a powerful message about the perils facing  democracy.
This week saw the introduction of Mr Orban’s new constitution. Suffused with   ethnic nationalism, it reeks of an ambition for one-party rule. It promises  repression of personal freedoms within Hungary and, through an extension of   citizenship to Hungarian minorities elsewhere, threatens instability in ethnically-diverse   neighbours.
The constitution has to be seen alongside a slew of new basic laws and the gerrymandering   of the electoral system. Together, they bestow inordinate power on the ruling   Fidesz party. The prime minister can claim to have won the 2010 election fairly.   Now he is deploying a two-thirds majority in parliament to deny opponents the   same possibility.

Get us out of Europe.

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