Wind Power is energy consumer @GreenParty. Energy is wealth. Poverty is slavery

Ultimately money is derived from energy, whether it be fossil fuels, nuclear,manpower or some alternative energy source.

You can’t create a new kind of money unless:

(a) you back it up with the energy resources to pay for it,

or (b) you can scam people into accepting it.

The second choice is the political choice and works as a sort of Ponzi scheme, which is why Europe is in a mess and we (now we’re running low on North Sea Oil ) are doomed to follow.

Hitler relied on choice (b) to re-build the German Economy but effectively lost the War because he couldn’t access the Oil fields of the Middle East.

Argentina is stirring up South American countries, because ownership of the Falkands gives access to potential oilfields both in The Falklands and, through International Treaty, and in Antarctica.

Problems in the Middle East are all about the Oil.

Problems in Venezuela are all about the Oil.

Problems in Eastern Europe are all about the Russian Oil/Gas.

Problems in Alaska are all about the Oil.

Windpower , in the UK, is being artificially subsidised, because Windpower costs more (oil) energy to produce than it provides.

Scandinavia is peaceful because it has abundant HEP.

Think of anywhere that is peaceful and they have abundant energy resources.

Think of anywhere that is in turmoil and they have a dearth of energy.

Places with oil are problematic, because their energy is in easily transported oil.

When the Saharan countries get busy with Solar power and build Supergrids, they’ll be super-rich.

Countries, such as Britain, will have internal squabbles over the remnants North Sea Oil. We’ll probably surrender the Falklands, because Argentina will bribe the U.S.A. with a cut of the action and France will supply the weaponry.

We will have a bit of wind power and slavery.  I prefer the word slavery to poverty, because that is what poverty is. It’s the reliance on your own muscle power to provide the energy/food that you need to feed yourselves and your rulers.

The alternative would be to exploit the nuclear fuel  and coal stocks that we have, providing our Green political masters haven’t sold them off.

and we will probably rely on exports of organ parts etc. to those with oil, unless we re-educate The Greens to prefer Coal and Nuclear power over virtual slavery.


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