@CarolineLucas: Green policies are no match for Saudi Arabia’s Desert Economy.

In a report posted on its website Wednesday, Chatham House warned: “Saudi Arabia’s energy consumption pattern is unsustainable. Demand for its own oil and gas is growing at around 7% a year. At this rate of growth, national consumption will have doubled in a decade.” If that happens, it could deprive the world of 2 million barrels a day of oil exports and largely eliminate the Saudi spare oil production capacity that is so important as a cushion against sudden supply disruptions, such as the civil war in Libya. The end result could be “an oil supply crunch leading to major price spikes on the world market,” it said.

This is worrying.

Without adequate energy supplies, this country will be on its knees in no time.

Some of us remember the three -day week, during Heath’s Government, when we had our oil supplies cut-off.

Even though we still had plentiful supplies of coal and relatively modern nuclear power stations, we came close to economic collapse, with many businesses closing down, people desperate for heating etc.

It is difficult to remember how bad it was, so all those youngster’s who believe that wind-power will solve our problems can’t possibly imagine what it was like.

With any new nuclear power plants unable to come on-line until 2024, if given the go-ahead Today, it’s difficult to see how we could cope, if this prediction proved well-founded.

Even without any escalation of troubles by Iran, we seem ill-prepared to be self-reliant in terms of energy needs.

The worst aspect is that with the likes of Huhne in charge of our Energy policies, Green Dogma could see this country in no fit condition to respond to this coming crisis in time to avoid chaos on our streets, which will make last Summer’s riots look like a street party.

This, and the next, Government need to start considering a few unpalatable options in terms of Energy provision.

Short term:  build nuclear plants and re-open coal mines.

Long term: Ban unnecessary journeys by Ministers, as well as the Public.

Legislate to enable employees (public and private) to work from home, whenever possible.

Urgently investigate energy storage technology that will enable us to go Green, instead of pretending that the Windmill farms will effectively cater for our needs.

Improve traffic flow, instead of impeding it and wasting inordinate amounts of fuel in cars idling in traffic jams (but of Green fundamentalist policy to drive (unsuccessfully) the motorist of the road .

Act to spread out rush-hour traffic by greater use of flexi-time schemes and by having the working day vary in different Local Authorities.

Explore the possibility of creating HEP schemes in The Pennines, creating large new reservoirs (water supplies are a problem for the Midlands and South-East).

Utilise the think-tank brains to plan our way ahead and then actually implement their advice.

There’s no point in worrying about the Economy, if we are being held to ransom for a spoonful of fuel to run the new High Speed train service.

Whatever the Government plans to do, it can’t leave it to succeeding Parliaments, as has been done for predicted unemployment levels and the already deferred (by North Sea Oil) Energy Crisis.


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