compartmentalisation of nhs in order to privatise is increasing time wasting.

At one time, if your GP thought you needed referring to a specialist, you got a letter of appointment and were seen to.

I recently needed a referral for suspect Conn’s syndrome.

I got a letter from the local Trust citing three locations that I might apply to for an appointment.

it included the waiting time that might be involved, for each (34 days, 56 days, indefinite).

Fortunately my GP indicated a level of urgency (after I rang up the relevant contacts) that enabled an early contact.

The appointment was to confirm the info that the GP had given me and to send me off to get some blood tests (presumably the GP couldn’t ask for these blood tests, anymore).

I now have to wait 4/6 weeks for the specialist to contact me again.

Pre-privatisation preparation, my GP would have sent me for the blood tests (if I wanted to use my local clinic, I now have to ring a central appointment agency for an appointment, instead of just walking-in) and then The Specialist would have seen me after he had the results.

The new way involves a greater delay (thankfully the suspected tumour is  benign), two unnecessary journeys (boosting the trust car-park income), involving extra admin and reception services.

It’s not the front-line personnel in the NHS that need sorting.

It’s the extra layers of Admin (always defined as “stream-lining” ) that are creating delays, gobbling up cash and causing more opportunities for statistics to blame no-show patients.


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