The Whips apparently claim to speak for the Silent Majority

I’ve just been listening to the Speaker’s debate on the Parliamentary Channel.

The topic ( a subsection of a debate on whether the Victorian age was the Golden age of Parliament” is  whether or not Whipping should be abolished.

Lovely bit of sophistry used to perpetuate whipping.

“It’s the vocal minority calling for an end to the Whip and Party Politics.”

” We don’t hear from the silent majority, who want strong Government.”

” If we wish to speak for the silent majority, then we must support The Whip and Party Politics.”

So the vocal minority, who want reform are to be ignored.

The Silent Majority don’t have to be ignored, because they must be happy with the Status Quo.

Furthermore, It wouldn’t be fair to bother the Silent Majority with a referendum on a topic, in which they have no interest.

Being The Silent Majority, they probably wouldn’t vote, whereas the vocal minority would.

This would mean taking control from the safe hands of the 650 highly paid public servants, who actually know what’s best for both sections of the plebians and Parliament and The City.


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