@Brian Reade ref : Suarez… You mustn’t stand up to bullies, if the bully is the FA and you are LFC.

I always admire The Brian Reade column in the Mirror and he seems to make a fair case for Liverpool F.C. taking the abuse of the FA on the chin.

Maybe I’m mis-reading between the lines but he seems to be of the opinion that the FA have come down exceptionally hard on Suarez and LFC.; more so than another player in another club.

Whatever the injustice of the situation, the FA can’t be seen to back down, as that would encourage the thug-in- the-stands and upset some very vociferous and influential groups.

As the FA can’t be seen to back down and / or admit to being vindicative, the argument is that LFC will only encourage further abuse from the FA and the Anti-Racist professionals.

I get the impression that he anticipates John Terry being treated more leniently despite the possibility that there may be strong evidence against him and despite the fact that he denies saying anything that can be considered derogatory.

He may be correct, in his appraisal, but it’s still going to grate, when a more favoured player, from a more favoured club is let off with an admonition and a promise to be nice.


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