The targets of #Occupy

Wealth isn’t dirty (I’d wouldn’t mind a bit more myself), neither is Capitalism, as a principle, nor is power.

The problem is the morality of those withwealth and Power.

Our last Labour Government  was full of people who started out as very moral people but ended up as corrupted politicians sucking on the teat of the likes of Murdoch.

Our present Tory Gov’t seems to be funded by highly dubious concerns, related to The City of London.

The City provides 10% of our GDP and probably thinks it owns the UK and its citizens, in the same way that Kim Jong-il actually owned North Korea.

Our Tax officials, presumably supported by their political masters, have cut sweetheart deals (i.e. effectively let off their tax paymernts) with these people e.g. Goldman-Sachs, who are sited on Paternoster Square, home of the City of London and the target of Occupylsx.

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