the design of wind turbine that blew up is not the best model for future use.

The destruction of the wind turbine, in the recent gales, does not necessarily mean the end of wind turbines.
It could mean the end of these European built machines, which we are seeing everywhere. Apparently, these are normally shut down in high winds, because of the effect observed, in this instance.It is worth adding that the biggest and most expensive one ever built, in California, was destroyed by being blown over. The design is not the best one to use. If we are getting out of Europe, this could be the time for a little bit of home grown enterprise.
A quick search of the Internet will show that there are designs, which are self regulating, in regards to wind speed (e.g.
There are designs, which are bird friendly and there are numerous designs, which can be constructed quickly and cheaply for domestic use. If we need growth of the economy and reduced imported energy, then a new cottage industry based on the best of these designs might be a quicker way forward than these fragile and wasteful versions, being promoted by Mr.Huhne’s energy tax.

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